Human-Food Interaction workshop

Human-Food Interaction workshop

This April, we are organising a Human-Food Interaction workshop at the CHI 2018 conference in Montreal (workshop date: 21st April / DL for submissions: 18th Feb). 

 We would like to invite you (staff members/students/any other food practitioners and enthusiasts keen to discuss food issues) to join us at the workshop – the DL is rather close however, we can also extend it if you’d be interested in participating (for some reason we got this brilliant idea to invite local food studies group only today). 

Let us know please! More details are below and on the workshop web page.   

We will experiment with various food-tech prototypes, scenarios, as well as design fiction games and discuss the diverse roles that technology design plays in our everyday food lifestyles. Our scope is broad and we are interested in all kinds of (existing as well as envisioned) digital and data-driven food practices. Of particular interest are issues around personalized nutrition, AI in the kitchen, digital food sharing and commensalitysustainable food-tech, but also amateur food science practices such as diet self-experimentation and DIY ‘food hacking’ (e.g. fermentation). 

We will discuss broader socio-cultural, environmental and policy frameworks of the emerging digital food innovation and think of the ‘best ways’ how to design for safe and sustainable, but also experimental, playful and just food systems. 

 If you plan to be at CHI this year, it will be fantastic to have some of your work presented at the workshop! If you won’t, but still would like to attend, just join us over Skype or any similar channel. We’ll also maintain a lively online forum to share the workshop proceedings and outcomes, and invite participants to contribute to a special issue on Human-Food Interaction. 

 Attendance details available here. For more info, please ask at