Pamela Tudge

Group member

PhD Student, INDI Program

Pamela Tudge is a PhD student in Concordia University’s Individualized Program, an adjunct professor in the faculty of Fine Arts, and an active member of Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology. Pamela’s research areas include design activism, new media art and history with food-based social movements as a thread that runs through these disciplines. Her current research employs material- and media-based practices to explore understandings of domestic food practices and space, which investigate different interpretations of between food and waste creation. She has done work in the areas of food studies, geographic information systems, environmental science, new media, and social movements. Pamela has an interdisciplinary MA from the University of British Columbia and a BA in geography and environmental studies from the University of Victoria.

She teaches We Are What We Eat, a food and culture course that examines contemporary food practices through research-creation–style projects. The course, takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding food creation and consumption, including the arts practices of design, performance art, architecture and media art history. Students have the opportunity to create food dishes from food studies topics and creatively write, draw or make media on the weekly questions.