Alan Nash

Group member

Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

My research focusses on restaurants in Montreal. As a cultural geographer (with an interest in how different ideas of “place” shape our lives), I have examined the city’s evolving restaurant scene reflects patterns of immigration immigration various ideas of “place” – whether it be the city where we live, or (if we are from where we come from – and how they affect our notions of public and private space.

This academic year (2016-17), I am teaching GEOG 321 (“A World of Food”) and GEOG 473 (“Environment and Heath”).  Sadly, I am not teaching any other food-related courses this year!

Nash, A. (2017: forthcoming). “Breach, Bridgehead or Trojan Horse? An Exploration of the role of food trucks in Montreal’s changing foodscape”. (In) From Loncheros to Lobsta Love: Food Trucks, Cultural Identity, and Social Justice. Agyeman, Julian, Caitlin Matthews and Hannah Sobel (eds) MIT Press (Boston)

Detolle, A., Jennings, R. and Nash, A. (2016). “The Bottle at the Centre of a Changing Foodscape: “Bring Your Own Wine” in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal”. (In) Anderson, C.R., Brady, J., and Levkoe, C.Z. (eds.), Conversations in Food Studies. University of Manitoba Press (Winnipeg), 148-167.

Nash, A. (2016). “Green Restaurants”, in P.B. Thompson and D.M. Kaplan (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics, Second Edition (Dodrecht: Springer 2016) Online: DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-6167-4_584.1

Nash, A. (2011). “Smoke and Mirrors: Montreal’s Smoked Meat”. In The Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery:  Fermented, Smoked and Preserved Foods, edited by Helen Saberi (Devon UK: Prospect Books)

Nash. A. (2010).  “The Impact of Restaurant Delivery on Montreal’s Domestic Foodscapes, 1951-2009”, Material Culture Review vol. 70, pp. 43-53.

Nash, A. (2009).  ““From Spaghetti to Sushi”: An Investigation of the Growth of Ethnic Restaurants in Montreal, 1951-2001”, Food, Culture and Society vol. 12(1), pp 5-24.

Photos from spice tasting competition is GEOG 321