Laura Shine

PhD Student, Humanities

Prof Shine studies the arrival of entomophagy – the consumption of insects – in non-traditional cultural contexts, especially North America (Canada and US). She is more broadly interested in the shifting notion of edibility – what is considered edible & why, and how that changes over time.

After asking Professor Shine to answer a few “pick your favourite questions” it was clear she loves food too much to pick favourites. “ I don’t really pick favourites, so it’s hard to say. I own somewhere upwards of 200-250 cookbooks, most of which I’ve read integrally. I guess one of my most cherished one is just a collection of recipes handwritten by my grandmother, which I inherited. For the restaurant – no idea. Although now that I’ve moved out of Mtl I guess what I miss most are the simple Vietnamese places close to the Jean-Talon market, where I used to live. So fresh and delicious.Best dish – again, not sure. I very rarely make the same thing twice, since I don’t really follow recipes. However I do make a pretty mean Meyer lemon meringue pie.” 

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Some food related work
Product developer and consultant – GrowHop Cricket Farm and Foodlab Ottawa, 2016

Entrepreneur, Fait Maison – Cooking classes, activities to promote healthy eating and catering business – Montreal and Outaouais region Since Fall 2014

Organization of cooperative cooking club “Marmitons” – Montreal Winter 2015

Workshop : Gardening with your senses – BRILA Youth camp Montreal, July 2014