Ian M. Ferguson

Senior Lecturer, Biology

My background is in evolutionary ecology, specifically the evolution of traits constrained by genetic correlations. I currently do not have an active research program, concentrating instead on teaching Introductory Biology (BIOL 201) and some other courses.

Selected Publications

Ferguson, I. M. and D. J. Fairbairn. 2001. Is selection ready when opportunity knocks? Evolutionary Ecology Research 3: 199-207.

Ferguson, I. M., and D. J. Fairbairn. 2001. Estimating genetic correlations from measurements of field-caught waterstriders. Evolution 55(10): 2126-2130.

Ferguson, I. M. and D. J. Fairbairn. 2000. Sex-specific selection and sexual size dimorphism in the waterstrider Aquarius remigis. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 13(2): 160-170.