Cooking Show Open Call

Cooking Show Open Call

Hello fellow artists, professors, researchers, foodies, friends,

We are a collaborative research team working on an interdisciplinary project that is all about food. Our group is made up of MFA students in the studio art department. Our initiative is self organized and grounded in our own curiosity about the ways in which food practices of production and consumption offer a site of shared commonality. We are currently looking for people from any field to join our project.

Our idea centers around how food is interdisciplinary in essence, and how it connects human activities, both philosophically and physically. Furthermore, the labour of cooking and it’s relationship to reproductive labour and where that labour happens, whether in a food court or in a kitchen, is a site of interest amongst others.

We are organizing a public event that will explore the wider themes of food in cultural studies, sciences, politics, etc. The event will play with the traditional form of the cooking show. Participants, organized into teams based on their interests and abilities, will develop a presentation that centers around the preparation of a meal (or a snack). Formats may include performances, lectures, videos or any other food-related idea. The audience will then be served the prepared food and hopefully raise some interesting questions while eating.

The deadline for this application is

Feb. 5th (in the form it says January 25 but we extended it). A first meeting will be held early February. 

The show will take place on  February 24th. This short timeline is intended to bring people together in an energetic, informal and fun mood.

If you are interested in participating, you can fill out this very short form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly! 

It’s right here :

Thank you! We look forward to eating with you !

Boris, Lauren, Elliot, Frédérique

The Cooking Show Team